Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Small Steps #aprpad 24

Small Steps

Spring air and a walk around the block
put a spring into my step; move me
forward on my journey to discover
who I am to be, now on my own

Small steps, slow steps, clear my foggy head steps
Small steps, slow steps bring me back to me

Warm sun and the promise of more
melt the cobwebs of the winter
invite this sedentary soul to
step out doors and breath

Small steps, slow steps, clear my foggy head steps
Small steps, slow steps bring me back to me

Catching up with friends next door
walking to the avenue for lunch
laughing over nothing in the
rain, make me whole again

Small steps, slow steps, clear my foggy head steps
Small steps, slow steps bring me back to me


Prompt: Write a roundelay. (a short, simple song or poem with a refrain) 

Monday, April 23, 2018

Action Inaction #aprpad 23

Action / Inaction

One day of long awaited sun, just one
seventy glorious degrees.
tomorrow will be cooler

the yard calls out for raking
for working up a sweat
my book calls out for reading
while soaking in the warmth
my bones ache for the salve
of penetrating sun to soothe
away the winter, rejuvenate the joints

And so in-action wins the day!
indulgence all the way. I’lll sit here 
till that warm sun goes down
for tomorrow will be cooler!


Sunday, April 22, 2018

Weeping Willow #aprpad 22

Weeping Willow

My golden wheat willow is weeping today
My soulmate, my love has been taken away
New widow, forlorn, softly weeps out her sorrow
While wind furied willow whips out grief's true depth


Danger! #aprpad 21


The great danger of
procrastinating: that the
task will not be done


Friday, April 20, 2018

Summer in the ’70s #aprpad 20

Summer in the ’70s

Camper and tents packed
Bike rack filled, we were off to
Hamlin’s open arms.


Day 20 prompt:  take a line from an earlier poem
(preferably from this month) to begin your poem

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Loose Thread #aprpad 19


When your life has dropped a thread
and begins unraveling, a
stitch is necessary to halt
the damage so that the
whole is not forever
And if all is lost, the
errant thread reduced to
a ball of yarn, get out your
needle and create a beautiful
new you
out of that old yarn with all its
warmth and stories,  weave 
posibilty and wonder knit 
with purpose and a smile
to wrap the old around
you, yet be new


Wednesday, April 18, 2018

#aprpad 18 Temptation

Life is a Found Poem


Ready to pick up a bit and make things nice for company
I am tempted to procrastinate some more because, oh
wouldn’t you know, I’ve stumbled on a pot of poetry
demanding to be read. Or listened to. Sent by a
friend. So rich. So full of texture - as are the 
poets and the poems she sent. I’m soon
lost, swimming in the wisdom of the
words. Combing through the
reveries they bring, Lost in
succumbing once again
I do confess, into


Life is a Found Poem
(Thanks, Jayne Heetderks)